QuaranTime Together

Ilenia Diaz (Highland Park, NJ) and Kitty Taylor (Memphis, TN) are bringing you inside their weekly Sunday video brunches during COVID-19 quarantine time. Why? Because we cover a lot subjects and some of them might be very helpful to others.

Ilenia and Kitty’s “QuaranTime Together” has been a really wonderful silver lining in the chaos and sadness of the COVID pandemic. Though we are more than 1,000 miles apart, we now spend about two hours together face to face every Sunday, brunching and talking, in a way that we didn’t do before the pandemic.

I’m sure many of you can relate — you and your long-distance friends were always on the go between work, social life, and family life. When one would call unexpectedly, the other might not be able to pick up at that moment. Likewise for the callback. Weeks would go by without touching base with more than a passing text.

Quarantine time changed that and we will be forever grateful for this moment in time when we slowed the F down and spent QuaranTime Together every weekend, even from 1,000 miles apart.

Kitty, Ilenia