We Were and Then We Weren’t

Feelings of loss coexist with the other person feeling the satisfaction of serving his own best interests. Feelings of rejection coexist with another person feeling bold as he stands his ground. My sadness coexists with your freedom.

My Devotion to Spring

Spring is my most significant time of year. April is my time of reflection and evaluation. As a Taurus, it’s the time when I check the box on one more year of seasoning and experiences while I blow out my birthday candles. And then May. Pure delight. Coming out of the drabness of winter, May…

Grieve Gently

Grief suuuuuucks . It squeezes the bottom of your heart like it wants to force you into the fetal position and then, like, stand over you, foot atop your body in an assholeish statement of conquest. It is such a strong feeling. And it’s such a strong thread in the human experience.

Buying Sunlight

I have a really hard time with winter. It’s dreary and cold. There’s no green grass or green leaves or colorful flowers. Sometimes at dusk, the color of the Mississippi River and the sky and the dead grass and rocks on the riverbank all blend together as one bland palette. There’s no color and warmth…