“Taylored Pursuit” is a blog by me, Kitty Taylor, and I’ve started it as a place to capture those moments that make me just stop and pay attention.

Sometimes those moments are big. Like the moment I learned my beloved dog had cancer and only a couple of days left to live. She was by my side for nine years in amazing times and very challenging times, and most importantly she was there “most of the time” – in the routine of daily life.

(Learn more about the signs of canine hemangiosarcoma.)

Sometimes those moments that make me pause are so simple and everyday. Like the way the sun shines. Or the way something tastes. Or when someone humbly shares wisdom or compassion – without even knowing they’re doing it.

This blog will also be about getting back into yoga again for the first time in a decade.

Someone who was close to me for a very long time said to me during one of our last days together that I always see wonder in the world. I do, and that’s what this blog is about.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂