This City on the River

About this city on the river …  I’m sitting still this weekend thinking about what beautiful Memphis has meant to me.

In numbers, it’s meant 10 years of my life and nearly all of my 30s (only seven months to go in that one). One marriage … followed by one divorce. Two dogs (the world’s best, of course) … one lost to me in the divorce and one lost to cancer.

Two eye-opening, invaluable career moves. A small treasure of deep-seated friendships and a large network of people whose encounters over the years have made me see how special this city truly is, for all of its flaws and all of its gems.

Five years of living by myself, in a place that was all mine and every aspect reflected the environment I wanted (well, except the one thing that lacked — a backyard!).

One cat adopted from one new boyfriend — the latter and I had low odds of working out as a couple, but we defied that and made it happen for a couple of years.

I don’t technically still live here in Memphis, but I’m not treating this as a goodbye. Nah, the relationship is too strong for that. More like “see you soon, Memphis.”

I don’t technically live anywhere right now. I’m experiencing the parallel truths of having commitment issues and having a tribe of people who are letting me stay with them so I can experience new places and things. It’s a prayer answered to have this time, space, and safety to explore. And hey, work travels.

Memphis has a true sense of place for me. The emotions of my heart have been buoyed numerous times on the Mississippi riverbank over the years. My mind and iPhone photos are full of memories and experiences throughout this great city.

This city on the river has a lot of me, and no amount of new places will separate me from what this city means to me. I’m thankful for Memphis.


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