28 Floors Seemed Reasonable at the Time

I’m known for sometimes doing things that have less-than-desirable outcomes. “Let’s just try it” is common in my vocabulary. I’m not talking about major important things, with catastrophe, injury, or bankruptcy as possible endings. But seemingly fun and innocent new experiences are entertaining.

Which is why I’m in the predicament I am now. I can barely walk.

Background: I need to bring cardio into my new healthy lifestyle routine involving yoga and low-sodium eating. I’m too close to high blood pressure and I’m too young for that. So, why not change the reality.

On Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to climb stairs for my cardio. My first real cardio workout in a loooong time, aside from walking everywhere downtown.

My condo building is perfect for stair climbing. Clean, well-lit stairwells with minimal foot traffic. 17 floors high, with a small window at each level from which to gaze upon the city and river for distraction from the suckiness of climbing stairs.

I started on my floor, 6, and climbed up to 17. It felt good! I was fairly winded, but I was motivated. I walked down all 17 flights in the stairwell on the other side of the building, crossed the lobby to the “up” stairs, and took all 17 again up and back again.

I really wish I would have thought through the world of pain I would soon be in, jolting my leg muscles like that after they’ve been peacefully hibernating for so long.

It took 30 hours before my legs figuratively started screaming at me. Lactic acid can literally be so bitchy sometimes. I did yoga at 6am Thursday morning and while my legs felt a little more tired than usual that day, I was still blissfully unaware of how sore I would soon be.

I am so sore that I’ve skipped yoga today – opting to rest these legs instead – and you might know from this blog post that I was really digging my Saturday morning Hatha yoga with Blake at Downtown Yoga Memphis

I am so sore I’m throwing myself a pity party. I’m not even debating with people when they say, “Uh, don’t do that again.”

Gratefully, my massage therapist, Carolyn at Rachel’s Day Spa, was able to fit me in for an hour massage this afternoon. Working out the calves and quads was a little painful, but I can already tell it helped. Sitting down isn’t as hard.

Tomorrow I’ll do Yinyasa at Downtown Yoga and ease through the soreness. And then Monday, I try this stair idea again — with a more reasonable plan.

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