Yoga Notes – Champagne and Alignment

I attended Blake’s Yin class on Monday night and Amy’s Align and Let Go class tonight, Wednesday.

First of all, let me just say how much I truly appreciate the culture of Downtown Yoga studio. Surely, Amy (as the owner) sets the tone. But every teacher I’ve taken a class from (so far Amy, Liz, LJ, and Blake) are super warm and welcoming. It’s easy to see that they each have a deep respect for yoga and enjoy sharing it with their students. The vibe at the studio each time is so authentic.

So, Yin yoga. I describe it as the champagne and strawberries of yoga. Totally indulgent. Hold long, drawn out moments of stretching. Slow down, block out the rest of the world, attend just to the deliciousness in front of you. Feel joy. Feel good. Feel spoiled.

Yeah, I’ll be a regular.

I have this section of my spine that always feels locked. It’s the area right inbetween my shoulder blades, where angel wings would sit. My chiropractor, Dr. Matt at Downtown Chiropractic Memphis, told me something something something about what’s happening back there. I can’t remember exactly what. But Yin yoga, in my humble uninformed opinion, is going to be the key that unlocks that area.

Alignment class with Amy tonight was very important to my practice for a different reason. It focused on making sure that form and foundation are right. This is kinda her thing, as you’ll also see here.

We can do damage to our bodies in the long term if we’re over-exaggerating or over-compensating in the poses we hold.

No one wants damage in yoga.

pexels-photo-268134.jpegIn this class, we were very attuned to alignment in the spread of our arms; the stacking of our hips, knees, and ankles; and the way we balance weight among our hands, feet, shoulders, and hips.

Amy is hands-on in how she helps correct your pose and show you what it should feel like. I appreciate this, because I want to learn the right way. At one point, she thought she accidentally touched my boob when she was correcting my form in a bent-over pose. Instead it was just a fat roll. 👍 NBD. We laughed and moved on. And I found the right alignment.

Just a reminder that in February, the first class for new people is free.

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