Yoga Week 1 – Igniting the Habit

My first full week of the new yoga journey is now behind me. I attended five classes this past week and I’m asking myself: what took me so long to get into this?

Downtown Yoga studio has a variety of classes and instructors to pick from, which, for a short-attention-span person like me, is a necessity. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes!

So far, I’ve had classes with two different instructors — Amy and Liz — and I’ve signed up for two more classes tomorrow morning. (My next blog post will be about doing back to back classes as a beginner. Am I doing too much? Am I being obsessive? And more such thoughts.)

Update to the original: My actual experience on that is here.

If you’re thinking about forming the kind of new habits that drove me to yoga earlier thispexels-photo-279470.jpeg month, the monthly unlimited membership might be a good idea. It’s not my style to map out a specific advanced action plan for my social/hobby life; I’d rather attend class when the inspiration hits me. The variety of classes per day — every day — is quite accommodating. And by indulging in shorter-term decision-making when my interest is high, the unlimited package is perfect for this month.

Here are a few highlights from this past week’s classes. Believe me, if I had “lowlights,” I would also share them here. But I’ve been extremely happy getting back into this!

Saturday – Beginner’s Vinyasa (Amy, late morning): Amy introduced us to the most important considerations we need to focus on to ensure we’re building our practice with a good form. How the knees should bend to not splay out, and what modification you could try if your knees are wanderers. How to plant and balance weight on your feet and hands. Belly breathing (which is so awesome). When to bend your legs to give yourself an assist, and reminders to not lock your knees (which cuts off blood flow). I felt completely comfortable. Being new is no big deal there. 🙂


Tuesday – Beginner’s Series Class (Amy, early evening): Lots of attention on the feet, and if you read this blog post, you’ll see why.

Thursday – Lunchtime Flow (Liz, noon): This was so fun. First of all, I typically work at my desk through lunch and NEVER leave the office for a personal break like this. I am so glad I did, and it had a positive impact on my work day. I was nicer, had no afternoon slump, and had more focus. Second, it was a small class so Liz was able to ask us what we wanted to focus on. Since I wasn’t sure, another student said he wanted to open up his shoulders and hips. And so we did. We used blocks and massage balls on our back/shoulders and feet. Held really great stretches. AND I did a headstand, too! She prepped us for it and I just went in and tried it. Super fun. She adjusted my form a little so I could feel what I should be doing differently next time. I didn’t hold the headstand for long, but I’m excited to do it again.

Friday – Yin Yoga (Amy, SIX A.M. and I was on time): I was so excited for this that getting out of bed at a crazy hour didn’t even bother me. I actually had a hard time sleeping the night before (standard issue), so having something fun to do was nice. This was a series of slow moves, held for longer lengths of time. It felt soooo good. I had more energy and focus all day. I had meetings and brainstorms all day and then social engagements until 9pm — before the class, I wasn’t sure if I would lose steam since I got up so early. But nope. I was not only more alert but also had top positivity throughout the day.

Today (Saturday) – 75-Minute Vinyasa Flow (Amy, 9:45 a.m.): This was a class for all levels. So, I was the most basic level 🙂 and others were far more advanced with their poses and strength. I never once felt uncomfortable about that. I’m trying to focus on having realistic expectations for myself and how quickly I can accelerate. I sweated a lot in this class and had a very productive work out. I think everyone did — it wasn’t just me at the beginner level. It was FUN to be part of a class with all levels, and it motivates me to make my own progress in strength, form, and how far I can take poses in the future.

One last note on membership and pricing — in February, the first class for new people is FREE. I hope you take advantage of that and join me for a class!

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