2 in 1 Yoga – Not this Week!

I had it in my head yesterday that I was going to do two back-to-back yoga classes in one day today. It seems like the perfect thing to do on a Sunday morning.

I was going to attend LJ’s 9:30 “Morning Flow” and Rebecca’s 11:15 Yinyasa.

The catch is, I am still REALLY new at this. Despite the obvious signs of obsessing about my great new project, I am mature enough now … or at least experienced enough with consequences … to put my ego on the shelf this morning and realize I am not, in fact, quite ready for two in a row.

But next Sunday I will be. Question mark? Ohhh the internal competitions we set up for ourselves.

LJ’s class was EXCELLENT. I loved how she ended it – with our legs propped up against the wall and a light sandbag placed on top of our feet. I’ve never done that before! There were advanced students there. And then me. And also some people in between. I do believe I was the only primarily-clueless one there.

buddha-india-mind-prayer-161170.jpegAnd that, by the way, is the exact benefit of having more advanced people around you. Just take a peek over and follow their lead.

The only space left was in the front of the studio, and of course I chose the spot right next to the seemingly most advanced person there. She knew exactly what to do before LJ even said it, and she was SO good at it! Full-on backbends and headstands. Super flexible. Envy creeps in.

And then there was me. This is the definition of some people’s group class hell.

I am here to tell you that it’s no big deal. That hell is a fabrication of your own mind. Especially in yoga, let that self-judgement go. It does nothing healthy for you. The most healthy thing you could do is show up as a beginner, which at some point in the past, so did all the best students.

Even though I didn’t feel strong enough for both classes today (I don’t want to get hurt and “have to rest” — forced rest is the most annoying thing ever and of course ignoring the issue is just stupid) I did prepare yesterday as if I were going to do both.

Here’s what I did.

pexels-photo-391213.jpeg1) Relaxed at home. Saturday nights are a 50-50 chance of staying in or going out. With nowhere I’d committed to be, I binge-watched NCIS, wrote up the week 1 blog post, ate hard pretzels and peanut M&Ms (I’d had a substantive meal at 4:30), drank Carnivore Zinfandel, and went to bed at 10.

2) Got a good night’s sleep. Yoga really helps me sleep better. My body and mind are both resting through the night far more steadily than they have been these last several years.

3) Tuned into my sore and weaker spots, and committed to not over-stress them. I am really focused on my upper and middle back and my neck as I get back into yoga. I’ve had a desk/computer career for 15 years. That does a lot to a body that yoga has to undo, and it won’t happen overnight. It was because of how my back and neck were feeling after the first class that I decided to ease off for the rest of the day. Every instructor will tell you to listen to your own body — since it’s the only one we get, it’s ours to protect.

As you can tell, I didn’t have to do anything special to get ready for class, or two classes, today. That’s why YOGA IS AWESOME. Just show up and try it!

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