Welcome, Gray Canary

Ya’ll, I went to the newest downtown restaurant opening in yoga pants, winter boots, and a backpack.

But that’s the glory of living in downtown Memphis. The point is to support local business. Even when you know you’re underdressed.

Go there, try it. They’re on soft launch for the next few weeks.

Aric was an awesome server. We were in the dining room tonight, but the front lounge will likely be our more typical destination. Both are gorgeous.

My friend, “Francesca” (ahem, LC), picked out the winning menu items tonight. Ask for the farro, the pisco and gin cocktail with herby flavors, and the s’mores. I wish I had more details for you but I didn’t totally look at the menu and the staff will know what you’re talking about anyway. Also, the chickpeas are DELICIOUS – and they come with octopus and pig ears.

This is a top-notch neighborhood addition! I’m excited to go there more often.

Oh, this is inside the Old Dominick Distillery on Front.


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