30+ Joints, 26 Bones

My first yoga class in my new journey was last night at Downtown Yoga in Memphis.

Aaaand it’s so different to restart yoga at the age of 38, instead of starting at 25-26 which is approximately the last time I practiced regularly.

The body cracks and pops back at you a little more!

The yoga instructor, Amy (also the studio owner), was conducting a beginners series and I am so glad to be starting there. The session was all about building the right foundation.

(If you are reading this post because you thought “30+ joints” referred to a big ole’ party, this is where I disappoint you.)

Amy is a very hands-on instructor — in all of the positive and supportive ways. Hey, us beginners can be a little unsure of ourselves!

We spent the first 10-15 minutes focused on our feet. That’s the foundation.

All 30+ joints and all 26 bones in each foot steady us, not just in yoga practice but all day long. They’re really quite kind to us. Did you know you can actually stretch your toes? And that you can feel the four “corners” of your feet as you stand, as long as you’re paying attention? And that you can engage your arches to establish a stronger foundation? OK I don’t quite get that last one yet, but I’ll keep trying.

I can already tell that yoga is wonderful to the feet. I developed plantar fasciitis over the summer once I started pounding the pavement in cute strappy sandals — again, a much different experience at 38 than 25 — and just after that one session the healing of the fascia feels farther along (I have also been wearing more supportive shoes … it’s winter). The condition wasn’t as painful this morning when I stretched my left foot and walked.

One of my favorite things about the beginners class last night was Amy stuck around afterward to answer everyone’s questions. There were several questions about healing from physical ailments, ranging from pesky minor things to the more severe. It’s clear how much focus Amy dedicates to the restorative and healing abilities of yoga.

I’m really glad that I joined up at the Downtown Yoga studio! I’ve got more classes coming up this weekend and will bring back more of what I learn and experience.

Downtown Yoga Class Schedule

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